Case Study Location

Case Study Duration 

  • March 2013-March 2014

LED Products in Use

  • (101) LED Down Lights 13W
  • (52) LED High Bay Fixtures 150W 

Cost Savings Analysis Projections

  • Projected Monthly Savings of 6,673 /kWh equaling $907.53 at the rate of $0.136 /kWh
  • Projected Annual Savings of 80,076 /kWh equaling $10,890.36 at the rate of $0.136 /kWh
  • That is $108,903.60 in projected electrical savings over the life of the LED bulb.

A Look on the Inside

In November 2013 the above LED lighting products were installed in Bridgeton High School's Auditorium and Gymnasium respectively. The actual electric savings of $1039.04 exceeded the projected savings of $907.53 by 14.5%. This will save the school $12,468.48 annually in electric savings alone. Their maintenance department now has more time available for other projects as the time spent to replace bulbs and ballasts in these locations is no longer necessary.

Bridgeton High School Half Converted

LED high bays on the left side; old system on right.

Bridgeton High School Fully Converted

LED high bay installation completed in Nov. 2013.

Bridgeton High School Auditorium

The auditorium with LED 13W down lights installed.

A Look at the Cost Savings Analysis

Bridgeton High School 24 Year Financial Outlook

This is a look at how much Bridgeton High School is estimated to save over 24 years with their LED lighting.

Bridgeton High School High Bay Comparison

Here is a look at the estimated electrical savings for switching from 400W Metal Halide to LED High Bay 150W

Bridgeton High School Recessed Lighting Comparison

Here is a look at the estimated electrical savings for switching from 250W Halogen to a LED Downlight 13W

The Bottom Line

  • Bright Idea LED cut Bridgeton High Schools electrical lighting cost by $12,468.48 over the course of their case study.
  • The total electrical kWh usage in March 2014 was down 7,640 /kWh or $1,039.04 from March 2013. 
  • Bridgeton High School saved 14.5% or $1,578.12 more than their Cost Savings Analysis projected over the course the year long case study.