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LED Products in Use

  • (62) LED 4ft Tube Bulb 20W

Cost Savings Analysis Projections

  • Projected Monthly Savings of 605 /kWh equaling $90.00 at the rate of $0.150 /kWh
  • Projected Annual Savings of 7,260 /kWh equaling $1,080.00 at the rate of $0.150 /kWh
  • That is $23,079.60 in projected electrical savings over the life of the LED bulbs.

A Look at the Cost Savings Analysis

Compressed Air Equipment 20 Year Financial Outlook

This is a look at how much Compressed Air Equipment is estimated to save over 20 years with their LED lighting.

Compressed Air Equipment 4ft Tube Comparison

Here is a look at the estimated electrical savings for choosing a LED 4ft Tube over a 4ft Fluorescent Tube.

Compressed Air Equipment Environmental Factors

A look at how much Compressed Air Equip. can reduce their carbon footprint by converting to LED lighting.

The Bottom Line

  • With all of the LED 4ft Tubes installed Compressed Air Equipment is projected to save $90.00.00 monthly.
  • The electric lighting cost for Compressed Air Equipment is projected to decrease $1,080.00 annually.
  • All the electrical savings can now be focused in other directions helping the overall health of the business.