Indoor LED Lighting

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The overall benefits LED technology brings in terms of lighting, colors, automation, and energy savings are tough to argue against. Indoor lighting accounts for the largest part of a business expenditure for electrical costs. Our re-lamping of LED for your facility can drastically reduce your overall operating costs.  At Bright Idea LED we concentrate specific effort on upgrading your existing lighting with minimal disruption and waste.  Maintenance costs, including the cost of buying and fitting new lamps are essentially zero for LED fittings over a 10+ year life span. This forms part of the overall cost savings that can be achieved with an LED retrofit. However, the bulk of the savings comes from reduced electricity cost, due the lower power consumed by the light fixtures and also to the reduced use of air conditioning to maintain the desired indoor temperatures.

Reap the Benefits Today!

  • Incandescent lamps produce 10% light and 90% heat.
  • Fluorescent lamps produce 70% light and 30% heat.
  • LED lamps produce 90% light and 10% heat.
  • LED lamps do not require a ballast, further reducing costs, maintenance and environmental impact. Your energy conservation switch to LED can save your wallet and the planet at the same time.
  • Motion and temperature controls sensors can be easily adapted with LED and doesn’t carry the typical restraints associated with other forms of lighting.
  • Finally there is a solution and it can be seen with LED lighting.
  • Contact Bright Idea LED today for your free cost savings analysis and let us show “Watt” we can save you.

Specifications for LED Tubes:

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